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  $ wxt [root]

  [root]            start dev server
  build [root]      build for production
  zip [root]        build for production and zip output
  prepare [root]    prepare typescript project
  clean [root]      clean generated files and caches
  init [directory]  initialize a new project
  submit            Alias for publish-extension (

For more info, run any command with the `--help` flag:
  $ wxt --help
  $ wxt build --help
  $ wxt zip --help
  $ wxt prepare --help
  $ wxt clean --help
  $ wxt init --help
  $ wxt submit --help

  -c, --config <file>                   use specified config file 
  -m, --mode <mode>                     set env mode 
  -b, --browser <browser>               specify a browser 
  -p, --port <port>                     specify a port for the dev server 
  -e, --filter-entrypoint <entrypoint>  only build specific entrypoints 
  --mv3                                 target manifest v3 
  --mv2                                 target manifest v2 
  --debug                               enable debug mode 
  -h, --help                            Display this message 
  -v, --version                         Display version number