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ES Modules

Configure entrypoints to use ESM at runtime.

Currently, ESM entrypoints are opt-in, so you must configure each entrypoint with that in mind.

HTML Pages ≥0.0.1

In general, you should always make HTML pages import ESM scripts, unless you need to support old browsers.

To make a script ESM, add type="module":

<script src="./main.ts"></script> 
<script src="./main.ts" type="module"></script> 

Background ≥0.16.0

In your background script, set type: "module":

export default defineBackground({
  type: 'module', // !code ++
  main() {
    // ...


Only MV3 support ESM background scripts/service workers. When targeting MV2, the type option is ignored and the background is always bundled into a single file as IIFE.

Content Scripts

Coming soon. Follow Content Script ESM Support #357 for updates.