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WXT uses the same tool as Nuxt for auto-imports, unimport.

WXT Auto-imports

Some WXT APIs can be used without importing them:

And more!

Project Auto-imports

In addition WXT APIs, default and named exports from inside the following directories can be used without listing them in imports.

  • <srcDir>/components/*
  • <srcDir>/composables/*
  • <srcDir>/hooks/*
  • <srcDir>/utils/*

To add auto-imports from subdirectories, like utils/api/some-file.ts, re-export them from the base directory:

// utils/index.ts
export * from './api/some-file.ts';

Alternatively, you could add the directory to the list of auto-import directories in your config file.


For TypeScript to work, you need to run the wxt prepare command. This will ensure types are generated for auto-imports.

This should be added to your postinstall script so your editor has everything it needs to report type errors after installing dependencies:

// package.json
  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "wxt prepare"


You can override the default auto-import behavior in your wxt.config.ts file.

See unimport's documentation for a complete list of options.

import { defineConfig } from 'wxt';

export default defineConfig({
  imports: {
    // Add auto-imports for vue functions like createApp, ref, computed, watch, toRaw, etc...
    presets: ['vue'],

Disabling Auto-imports

To disable auto-imports, set imports: false

export default defineConfig({
  imports: false,


ESLint doesn't understand auto-imports; it thinks all auto-imported variables are undeclared globals and will report lint errors for each. To fix this, extend the ESLint file generated inside the .wxt directory:

// .eslintrc.js
module.exports = {
  extends: ['./.wxt/eslintrc-auto-import.json'],

By default, this file will be generated when ESLint is a direct dependency. If ESLint is a subdependency or your project is a monorepo, it may not be generated automatically. In this case, you can tell WXT to generate it:

// wxt.config.ts
export default defineConfig({
  imports: {
    eslintrc: {
      enabled: true,